The OSIM Story

The story of OSIM’s rise to the top.

Brand Positioning

A global leader in healthy lifestyle products, OSIM inspires well-being in 22 countries worldwide today. With over 40 years of experience, OSIM’s unwavering dedication in developing innovative and reliable healthy lifestyle products has cemented its status as Asia’s No. 1 Healthy Lifestyle Brand.

We communicate our values through our products, outlets, brand image, service excellence and in-depth knowledge of holistic health. With this, we hope to inspire well-being and bring about a healthier lifestyle to families and individuals alike.

Our products fall into one of four complementary categories: Relax and Relieve, Tone and Shape, Clean and Purify, and Check and Measure. Each category carries the fundamental themes of well-being, lifestyle and positivity. Together, they reflect OSIM’s holistic and integrated approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Asia No. 1

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Healthy Lifestyle
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Global Retail Concept

OSIM’s global concept store projects a singular, welcoming, attractive and inspiring image. An interactive and holistic shopping experience, it is an absolute treat for the senses. This concept makes it inviting for consumers to discover innovative well-being products designed to cater to their every need. From the first stage of attraction to the delightful discovery of our products, right down to the final stage of purchase, each touchpoint has been carefully considered to achieve the best results.

Located in some of the world’s most reputed shopping destinations, this reflects OSIM’s vision of introducing a healthy lifestyle to consumers in other cultures seeking the experience of total well-being.

Celebrity Ambassadors

If star power elevates a brand, then OSIM’s brand is stratospheric. Meet the international stars that have put their name to the OSIM brand over the years.

Service Done Well

At OSIM, we care for our consumers’ health and wellness. We consistently encourage them to seek advice from our well-being consultants on ways to relieve stress, muscles aches and pains as well as to improve their massage experience.

We make ourselves available for any service and support a consumer needs, welcoming feedback on our products and services to improve their overall experience. Consumers are invited to simply connect with us online and in stores.

Our Aspiration

With unwavering confidence, we look towards achieving our goal of creating the world’s No. 1 well-being brand.

The journey ahead remains purposeful with a clear mission — to stay connected to our customers and to keep on inspiring well-being in daily lives of our customers.

As we continue to deepen our core expertise in the health industry, we invite you to succeed on the world stage with us.

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